Upcoming Releases


Recent news coming out of the Korean Peninsula suggests that North Korea may now be capable of delivering a nuclear weapon and Kim Jong Un is threatening to preemptively attack Guam.  Delphi Analytica decided to gauge the public opinion on taking military action against the North Korean regime. We will post results soon.


To refocus our efforts back to the Midwest, we are polling the Rustbelt’s reception to Donald Trump’s new merit based immigration reform called the RAISE Act. We also wanted to gauge the overall support of the Trump Administration in this crucial battleground area, so we will be releasing an approval poll shortly.


To follow up on our original Matchup Poll, as requested by our supporters, we surveyed 1,500 respondents nationally to see how Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and others fared in the hypothetical battle with President Trump in 2020. Stay tuned.